ReadyMix Accessories and Additional Products

Custom or Special Mix

Flowable Fills – The preferred way to backfill utility ditches for the instant compaction and immediate utilization of repaired roadways
Plasticizer – Concrete additive that increases the flowability of concrete without reducing the strength
Fibermesh – Additive that holds concrete together even if it cracks. In some applications it can replace wire mesh
Accelerators – Chloride and non-chloride
Fast Set Mix – open to traffic in 4 hours after placement
LEED Mixes – adds points to LEED certified projects
Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) – alternative to asphalt pavements

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Diamond Clear (5 Gallons)
Super Diamond Clear (5 Gallons)
Weather Guard (5 Gallons)
Kurez Curing Compund (5 Gallons)
Expansion Joint 3.5″ x 50′ **
Expansion Joint 4″ x 50′ **
Expansion Joint 6″ x 50′ **
Kurez Curing Compound*
Colored Concrete ***

*Fine products from the Euclid Chemical Company
**Expansion Joint is made from recycled vinyl that will last the life of the concrete and adds LEED points on LEED certified projects.
***We offer a wide variety of colors to mix with your concrete.

Additional Products

Pervious Concrete – A new approach to storm water management; it is a porous material that has approximately 20% voids that lets water migrate thru the pavement instead of running off to a catch basin. Considered a best Management Practice (BMP) by the EPA, storm water can be captured, filtered, and managed under the pervious pavement. Some uses may include: parking lots, sidewalks, alleyways, and as an alternative to detention ponds.

Structural Fibers – Engineered macro fibers for replacement of welded wire fabric, light gauge steel reinforcement and steel fibers that increase impact and fatigue resistance and have superior plastic shrinkage control.

Concrete Recycling – Phillips Companies recycles 100% of our returned concrete from our jobsites, and we take in concrete broken up into 15″ or smaller pieces to be recycled as compactable aggregates.

Interlocking Concrete Blocks – We offer interlocking concrete blocks for retaining walls and storage bins in two sizes, 2′ x 2′ x 6′ and 2′ x 2′ x 2′

Certified Plants and Trucks – Our plants and mixer trucks are all certified by the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association.

Certified Materials – All of our materials (aggregates, cements, admixtures) and dispensing equipment are certified on a regular basis to meet ASTM and State of Ohio standards.

To place an order, please call 937-426-5151 or Click Here >> to request a Price List.