Concrete products-concrete in general provides a durable product that reflects heat and light adding LEED points to construction products.

Concrete mixes can be customized to add additional LEED points.

Pervious concrete allows water to drain through it, retaining precious water resources and eliminating retention ponds.

Concrete mix designs using fly ash recycling waste into a quality product.

Recycled vinyl for expansion joints.

Raider Mix (ball diamond material recycling silts into a quality product.

Recycled concrete products produce crushed aggregates and wall blocks.

Premium Topsoil products using composted tree and yard waste products for natural nutrients.

Green Products

Green Business Practices

Recycle waste oil for heating our buildings.                                               Sky lights to save lighting energy.

Recycling process water in our gravel plant.                                               Recycling steel.

Gravel pits retain rain water for aquifer recharge.                                        Using biodiesel.

Using electronic files instead of paper when possible.                               High efficiency lights and ballasts.

High efficiency electric motors in our processing plants.